Why Choose Writebestessay.com?

You’ve found us – but now you’re wondering why you should bring your academic writing projects to us instead of continuing your search for academic writing help. So why should you choose us? That’s a great question!
There are a LOT of other academic writing service providers out there. They aren’t difficult to find – in fact, we spend some of our time looking them up and testing them out – to see how we compare. Here’s what we’ve found:
We’ve been here longer. We’ve looked, and we’re hard pressed to find another company out there right now that’s been in business since 1996. We weren’t the first to offer academic writing help, but we’ve lasted the longest doing it – and we’re continuing to grow in our success as a company.

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We make our ACTUAL physical address public. We can’t find another academic writing company that posts their office’s address for all to see on their website. We called a few and asked why not – their excuse was “We’re a web-based company and you don’t need to know where we are”. Not exactly comforting. Well, we’re MORE than a fly-by-night web-based company – we’re open about who we are and where we live.
We get the sneaking suspicion that the majority of other academic writing companies don’t publish their addresses because they are located overseas in countries where English isn’t the official language. Not particularly helpful when you need an essay written for your English speaking professor!
Our customer service is better. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer live telephone or chat customer contact and we’re very prompt in responding to email. When you call us, you talk to a real person right away (or else one will call you back in minutes). A lot of other companies only provide their fax numbers, and though they claim to have live chat – it never seems to be active. You can get in touch with us no matter what. All of our Academic Advisors who take your calls and answer your emails are trained and experienced in the academic sector – so you can feel confident that we know what we’re doing – and that we’ll do it well.
We’re quick and we’re quality. Other companies need a certain number of days to fill your order – we can get a finished essay to you in less than a day if you’re in an emergency. And while many other companies boast a money-back guarantee, what ends up happening (and we’ve tried this) is an endless slew of low quality revisions. We listen to what you need, and we have highly skilled people in place to make sure you get it.
We’ve done the research into your other options so that you don’t have to take the risk. You can come directly to us, an open, honest, trustworthy academic writing provider, for all the help you need.

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